Fostering the value of an individual's unique qualities as an essential element for social evolution based on complementarity.


Guiding people to express their values, realise their potential and reach their goals so that each person can attain complete fulfilment.


Expertise, experience, respect, honesty and passion.

Who I work with

Individuals, professionals, companies, schools and universities

Do you want to accomplish your projects?

Do you want to boost your motivation?

Do you want to find personalised strategies to face challenges and changes?

Do you want to harness your talents?

Do you want to build confidence in your abilities?

Do you want to establish constructive relationships, prioritising individual qualities?

If your answer is yes,
coaching is the tool for you!


ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.


Where do the sessions take place?
Via videoconference or at the client’s location.

With a programme consisting of 45-minute to 1-hour sessions, in person or via videoconference, to be agreed with the client. The programme is protected by a code of ethics and a shared agreement regulated by a contract, which guarantees confidentiality and professionalism.

Based on an agreed timetable, adapted to suit individual requirements.

What about the price?
Contact me to request a quote.


Single sessions or coaching programmes are also useful for the most sceptical (like I was) to find, explore and smooth out parts of ourselves we never thought to examine. Really useful.




The coaching programme with Fabrizio was particularly enriching because it gave me access to images and interpretations that I didn’t think were hidden inside me. What really made the difference was the possibility of bringing out latent and “fugitive” aspects, which were a source of uncertainty and insecurity. Fabrizio guided me in revealing and transforming these aspects into symbols that I can return to during challenging times. What was a problem has therefore become a source of resolution. I can only recommend this experience to everyone, especially if guided by Fabrizio, to whom I’m very grateful.




I felt the need to contact a coach to try to reorganise my working life which, at that time, was marked by failures and setbacks. I attended coaching sessions with Fabrizio from January to June. Fabrizio is an experienced, present and attentive coach, who helped me a lot during a great change in my career. He taught me to find positivity and strength in myself (which seemed non-existent) and found a way to enhance these qualities. He made me feel good on the most difficult days, and after each session, I felt stronger, more relaxed and motivated as he helped me change my perspective on the various situations I was experiencing.
He guided me to overcome various obstacles and to achieve those small goals that I could not accomplish by myself at that time. I’m sure this coaching experience will be invaluable to me in every facet of my life, where I’ll always have to turn every insurmountable wall of problems into an enjoyable challenge.
My heartfelt thanks, Fabrizio.




I had never attended a coaching programme before and it was an invaluable and enriching adventure. I was impressed by Fabrizio’s approach: he was both professional and ready to adapt to the specific needs of the person in front of him. We set ourselves an ambitious goal, which I didn’t even believe could be achieved. But instead we reached our goal, and perhaps even surpassed it, in just a few meetings which were always pragmatic, profound and intensive. It was a positive and enlightening experience.