Who I am

Iam Fabrizio De Paoli, born in Turin, Italy, in May 1972. I have been living and working in the Lausanne region of Switzerland since 2010. I am a professional member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), and I conduct sessions in Italian, English and French.
In addition to coaching sessions and programmes, I offer training, mentoring and innovation in this area. My work as a poet with the publication of four books completes the context of my professional activity oriented towards introspection and evolution.

I had many certainties and very few doubts up to the age of twenty-five; everything went according to the established normality. Thanks to those who helped me understand the importance of asking myself questions to fulfil my identity, the passage of time since then has seen me become a coach to others. I recognised the convergence of my path within this tool and found a profession that contributes to fulfilling my life’s project: guiding my clients on their own.

Conversations based on discussion, sharing and exploring issues related to personal evolution are an essential element of my nature. They offer me the opportunity to expand my outlook, as well as the spaces for solitary reflection that I permit myself, allowing me to increase my self-awareness. This attitude highlights an element that I consider essential for a coach: the ethical duty to work first of all and unceasingly on oneself, to offer professionalism that is as authentic and conscious as possible.

I have devoted myself to this profession since 2016, integrating my career into my daily life, which offers me the opportunity to be at the service of each individual’s uniqueness, guiding each client to achieve new goals.