Coaching sessions and programmes

The purpose of the coaching sessions and programmes I offer is to guide people to express their values, realise their potential and reach their goals so that they can each attain complete fulfilment.

I coach private clients, professionals and companies who intend to make use of individual and group coaching sessions and programmes, to address the following issues:

  • life planning and life choices
  • self-actualisation
  • professional development
  • effective learning
  • interpersonal relations
  • conflict management
  • effective communication
  • developing skills and talents
  • challenges and changes
  • boosting motivation

Before starting a coaching programme, I plan with the client during a free half-hour chemistry session. This session aims to clarify the client’s expectations, agree on his or her requirements, ascertain mutual affinity, and share ethical principles and the method as a guarantee of transparency.

If you wish to begin a coaching programme, you can fill out the form without any obligation. I will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a chemistry session.

Chemistry session booking

The intent of this session is to clarify the customer’s expectations, agree on needs, ascertain mutual affinity and share ethical principles and method as a guarantee of transparency.

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